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TK30DU solar charge controller

TK30DU 30A 12V24V auto work / 48V

  • Vivid LCD graphic symbols
  • Simple button operation
  • Automatic identification of system voltage level
  • Intelligent PWM charging mode 
  • Adjustablecharge-discharge protection
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Settable operation mode of load
  • Battery reverse-discharge protection
  • Battery low voltage disconnection(LVD)
  • Battery reverse connection protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • USB output


Technical Data


Model 30DU 3048D
PV voltage 50V 100V
Rated Current 30A 30A
System Voltage 12V/24V Auto  48V
HVD 16.00V1/2/3/4
Rated discharging current 30A 30A
No-load loss 13mA 25mA
Charge loop voltage drop 0.21V 0.25V
Discharge loop voltage drop 0.12V 0.12V
Charging mode PWM 4-stagebulk, absorptionfloat, equalized
Voltage of float charging 13.8(13V~15V)1/2/3/4
Voltage of absorption charging 14.4V(13V~15V) 1/2/3/4
Duration of absorption charging 2hs
Voltage of equalized charging * 14.6V(13V~15.5V) 1/2/3/4
Duration of equalized charging 2hs
LVD 10.7V(10V~14V) 1/2/3/4
LVR 12.6V(10V~14V) 1/2/3/4
Load working mode Regular control mode
Light control with switch-off point at night and switch-on point before dawn 
Light control mode
Light control voltage 5V(1V~10V) 1/2/3/4
Battery type GEL, SLD, FLD and USr(default)
USB 5V 1A None
Man-machine interface LCD, 2 buttons
Wiring PCB terminal, 16mm PCB terminal, 16mm2
Working temperature -20 ~ +55 C
Storage temperature -30 ~ +80 C
Working humidity 10% ~ 90%, no condensation
Dimension 188 x 95 x 46.5mm
Net Weight 360g 360g
IP Code IP30
Optional function Remote communicationTTL, standard ModBus protocol


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