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Pure Sine Wave Inverter

1. Inverter: transfers 12V/24V/48V DC into 220V AC, Produces pure sine wave power (refer to picture 2) with quick response and anti-jamming function, able to run resistive   loads (incandescent lamp), capacitive loads and inductive loads (electric tools, TV, recorder, fluorescent lamp, fan, computer, and refrigerator).
2. Battery Charger: with built-in battery charger. Battery charging through the mains is available.
3. UPS: less than 5ms transfer time (AC to DC ). Uninterruptible Power Supply (DC to AC)
100% PURE SINE WAVE (same as the form from the mains), LCD DISPLAY, TRANSFORMER BASE(stable) and CPU CONTROL
Less than 5ms transfer time from AC to DC
Input Voltage Range: 80V~140V/145V~275V, Input Frequency Range: 45~55Hz/55~65Hz
Easy to install, Easy to use. Intelligent Automatic Charging
Over load protection. Short circuit protection. Over temperature protection. Over voltage/Low voltage protection. Low battery protection
Compatible with generators
Using line interactive circuit technology
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